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A walkout-proof majority? It's in reach.

Republicans in the Oregon Senate have walked out on Oregonians three times in the last 16 months.

Instead of listening to the broad majority of Oregonians and showing up to their jobs, Senate Republicans decided to throw a tantrum and leave the peoples' business to die.

As a result of the Republicans' actions this past spring, Oregon couldn't pass critical wildfire-prevention and climate change measures. Right before one of the most devastating fire seasons we have ever seen.

If we want to diminish the severity of wildfires and rebuild our communities better, the way forward is clear. We need to build a walkout-proof majority because if Republicans in the Senate won't respect their jobs or their constituents enough to show up for this critical work, they need to be replaced. In times like these, we have to win everywhere we can, and elect officials with the courage to show up and take tough votes.

I've got just the person for the job. Melissa Cribbins from Coos Bay is running for the Oregon Senate and needs our support right now to win in November.

Melissa is an elected Coos County commissioner, a parent, and an attorney. And as a former wildland firefighter, she knows what it takes to fight and put out a fire. She will be an excellent addition to our state Senate, someone who has principle, a hard work ethic, and the governing experience to rebuild post-COVID-19.

Melissa Cribbins for State Senate

Most importantly, Melissa knows the value of ensuring that Oregon doesn't fall victim to any more of the Donald Trump-style dirty tricks that we've seen in the past from Oregon's Republicans. The issues we face are simply too important to just walk away.

That's why I'm all-in to get Melissa elected in 38 days, and why I want you with me – because our progressive future depends on folks like us showing up every time.

So, please, chip in right now. Let's get Melissa over the finish line on Election Day. This is going to be close – we need your support!

Time to get to work.


Posted on September 26, 2020.