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Before I head into sessions

As we gear up for the next legislative session, I wanted to check in about some of the work we’ve done so far and issues I’ll be focusing on as we move ahead.

You can read my full article for the Lake Oswego Review, discussing what this session will have in store.

When it comes to our children and protecting their future, we can't let anything stand in our way. My own children inspired me to run for the School Board so that we could address the racist, anti-semitic messages being painted on their school’s bathroom walls. They are the reason why I am now an Oregon State Senator – and why I was so proud to get legislation like the Student Success Act and Adi’s Act passed last year.

On Monday, we head into the next legislative session and once again, I will prioritize the health and well-being of children in our state. That means taking action to support our youth experiencing houselessness, and protecting our most vulnerable youth from deportation and human trafficking. It means supporting Child Abuse Prevention Centers and addressing climate change. And taking on sensible gun safety and making sure our children can learn in safe environments.

I cannot do this alone. As you know, state Senate campaigns don't ask for contributions while we're in session. That means we have until Sunday to meet our fundraising goal. Can you help by chipping in right now?

We’ve got a long way to go until we can say we’re truly doing everything we can for our children. But victories like our rising graduation rates propel us forward.


Posted on January 31, 2020.