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Different Messenger, Same Message: Protect Health Care Workers

We're in dangerous territory.

As Senator Wagner’s Political Director, I’ve been closely following the twists and turns of the pandemic response. This is a defining moment for all of us. COVID-19 is surging across Oregon and our health care system is being pushed to the limit.

Holding that system up are our heroic medical professionals. They have already weathered multiple waves of virus resurgence, and now face what may be the deadliest phase of our state’s response to the unprecedented challenges of 2020.

My mom is a 64-year old doctor. I’m deeply worried about her health and ability to safely provide the highest quality medical care to her patients as coronavirus cases climb and hospitalizations rise across Oregon. After watching the Governor’s press conference on Friday announcing renewed public health efforts to slow the virus, a wave of emotion came over me.

I know that my mom sees 30-40 patients a day from all around the country, and that even with the best precautions, many health care workers in virus hotspots have fallen ill and not survived. It may be an unlikely outcome for my mom, but I am still scared.

That’s why I’m reaching out to you today, pleading that you follow the Governor’s directive to limit social gatherings (indoor and outdoor) to no more than 6 people total, from no more than 2 households. I’m pleading with you to work from home if at all possible. And I’m pleading with you to wear your mask, wash your hands, and stay as healthy as you can.

You can learn more about the Statewide Two-Week Freeze at the Governor's COVID-19 page.

Thank you for staying strong for our medical professionals and frontline workers! Your efforts to stay home and stay safe will save lives, including very possibly your own and those of your loved ones.

With gratitude,


Gordon Levitt
Political Director
Rob Wagner for State Senate

Posted on November 17, 2020.