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If it’s not a “yes” it’s a “no”

Betsy DeVos has time after time proven a lack of basic understanding when it comes to her work with public schools, only working towards benefiting the most powerful.

Now she's looking to turn back the clock on protections for sexual assault victims in schools.

Sign the petition: tell Betsy DeVos to protect victims of sexual harassment and assault.

I've spent my political career fighting for the rights of students. In the face of such movements as #MeToo and #TimesUp, we should be empowering victims of sexual harassment and assault to stand up and speak, not making it harder for them to get justice.

As a part of Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum's Sexual Assault Task Force, I'm working with schools to introduce sexual assault prevention trainings. And I'll put up a hell of a fight against Betsy DeVos for trying to undo decades of progress.

Tell Betsy DeVos if it’s not a ‘yes’ it’s a ‘no.’ Sign the petition.


Posted on February 1, 2019.