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I've had enough of the NRA. Have you?

According to Sandy Hook Promise, April 2020 marked the first month of no shootings on school grounds for the first time in nearly two decades.

Unfortunately, that's because nearly every school in America was closed.

Our nation has a gun safety – or lack thereof – problem. And every school shooting has one common denominator – the National Rifle Association will deny that easy access to guns has any connection to gun violence.

It's time to dissolve the dangerous and dishonest NRA and demand Congress investigate their immoral dealings.

It's no secret that the NRA has been involved in some extremely shady and even illegal practices. A U.S. Senate investigation found the NRA had worked with Russia to help steer the 2016 election to Donald Trump. Last year, they came under fire for abusing their status as a tax-exempt organization for allegedly siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars to top executives and vendors.

Unfortunately, besides being a profoundly corrupt organization, the NRA is also one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the country. They spend millions to buy access to politicians nationwide and put their distorted Second Amendment rhetoric in our leaders' mouths. All while the United States had the highest number of mass killings on record in 2019.

Stop the NRA. Sign the petition.

While there are a million and one reasons to dissolve the NRA – working with Russia to influence American elections, funneling dark money into the GOP to stop gun-sense legislation, abusing their tax-exempt status – none is more prominent than the absolute danger they pose to our children and their future.

Can you join me in the fight to protect our country – especially our children – by adding your name to this petition?

Thank you for your continued support.


Posted on September 9, 2020.