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My school board endorsements

Springtime elections too often get overlooked.

We can't make that mistake this year. Our communities will be voting for school board members, and our choice couldn't be clearer: we must support diversity, equity, and inclusion in our schools.

As you fill out your ballot, I'm asking for your vote for these candidates, all true progressives who'll fight for the education that youth in our communities deserve:

Tigard – Tualatin School District:

Position 1: David Jaimes
Position 3: Tristan Irvin
Position 5: Marvin Lynn

West Linn – Wilsonville School District:

Position 1: Louis Taylor
Position 3: Kirsten Wyatt
Position 5: Seiji Shiratori

Lake Oswego School Board:

Position 2: Neelam Gupta
Position 3: Brian Bills

Portland Community College Board

Zone 1: Laurie Cremona Wagner

Clackamas Community College Board

Zone 5: Aaron Woods

Ballots are due on or before May 18. Please make sure your ballot is in the mail or a local dropbox in time to be counted! Find your nearest dropbox here.


Posted on May 8, 2021.