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Oregon at a crossroads.

I’ll be honest. I’m frustrated.

As a Senator, I don’t expect to win every vote. But when I take my constitutional oath of office, it’s my job to show up, listen to the arguments, make the best case, and then vote yes or no. This is what my constituents sent me here to do.

Eleven of my colleagues recently fled the state rather than do their job. A job that the voters in their communities entrusted them to do -- show up at the Capitol and vote their conscience.

Dozens of bills, many of them with broad bipartisan support, are awaiting our work. These bills address critical needs -- family leave, sexual misconduct in schools, forest firefighting and health care for children. Not to mention all the budgets that fund programs for senior citizens, provide tuition support for students, and public safety across the state.

I do not believe we can wait one more day without meaningful policy that addresses climate change. Oregon must be leading and we must all be doing our part to confront this global emergency.

The recent crisis in our legislature puts our democracy itself at risk. Voters should be able to count on legislators to show up and do their job -- even when outcomes don’t go their way. Otherwise, it all breaks down.

Finally, I have heard from folks across the partisan divide that threats of violence that have accompanied this breakdown have no part in Oregon politics. It is time for everyone to come back to work and vote on bills important to our future.


Posted on June 26, 2019.