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Oregon has led the way in protecting our voting rights. Let's make sure we use them.

It's a beautiful day to vote.

With just three days to Election Day, it's too late to mail your ballot in, but you can still drop off your ballot at many of the drop boxes around the state.

Dropping off our ballots!

I've always believed that easy and accessible voting is a sign of a healthy democracy. And here in Oregon, we're leading the way. We pioneered vote-by-mail, which is catching on nationwide. And our motor voter law means that all qualifying citizens are registered to vote automatically. We send your ballot and voters pamphlet right to your home. And you have three weeks to vote from the comfort of your home – even in your pajamas!

Read my op-ed on the election in the Tribune!

But all of this means nothing if folks don't vote. Remember: we have just a few days left to ensure every vote gets in. Make sure to drop your ballot off before 8 p.m. this Tuesday, Election Day, at official ballot boxes around the state.

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Your future is on the ballot. Make sure you have a say in it.


Posted on November 1, 2020.