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Oregon's leadership in a new Supreme Court era

When Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on September 18, our country lost one of our most inspirational – and most important – leaders. A fierce, principled, wise, and incredibly courageous civil rights pioneer, she anchored the Supreme Court for a generation. Her death marks the end of an era in our justice system.

The end of one era marks the start of another, which in this case, is not merely unfortunate, but dangerous. Donald Trump has nominated a regressive right-wing ideologue, Amy Coney Barrett, to take Justice Ginsburg's place on the bench. Her appointment will create the most radical Supreme Court of the modern age.

That means we can't count on the Court to defend the rights of our most vulnerable. In fact, it's entirely likely that the Barrett-Gorsuch-Kavanaugh era of the court will actually strip away protections for the LGBTQIA+ community, for people with pre-existing health conditions, for those hit first and hit hardest by climate change, and for reproductive rights.

And that means we have to count on our state legislature passing the laws that will protect those rights. Can you stand with us ahead of these attacks on our most vulnerable communities?

As Oregon Senate majority leader, I will fight to make sure that we're moving forward with a progressive agenda that will not only safeguard Oregonians' rights but continue to make headway on critical issues like universal health care, clean energy investment, sustainable infrastructure, gun safety, and long-overdue racial justice.

The new era brings new opportunities. I'm committed to making Oregon a model for the nation on how to support our people at a time when we can't count on the Supreme Court to deliver justice.

Join our fight for a healthier, more inclusive Oregon. Chip in right now.

Stay strong. Let's get this done, together.


Posted on October 6, 2020.