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"Show up for work" is a pretty low bar, but Senate Republicans still can't clear it.

Last week, the Republican National Convention proved, once again, that the modern Republican party has no interest in serving the people who elect them, much less the voters who do not.

The convention consisted of a parade of partisan extremists trying to outdo each other in their promises to never compromise or cooperate with anyone who thinks differently than they do.

Unfortunately, there's a straight line from Trump's vindictive festival of obstruction to the Oregon Senate Republicans' refusal to show up for work or even talk to anyone when they don't like what they're going to hear.

Join me to tell Senate Republicans "Your job is to serve the public – not throw partisan tantrums. No more walkouts!"

No more walkouts. Sign the petition.

In a little over a year, we've seen Oregon's Senate Republicans walk out three times on the job. Some even fled the state, to their vacation homes – while continuing to collect paychecks from taxpayers.

Can you imagine what these same folks would say if someone else skipped work on national television and still expected to be paid?

And let's not forget, they refused to work as a global pandemic unlike anything we've seen in 100 years took hold.

By skipping out on their responsibilities, they shut down our legislative process, stalling critical work for Oregon, including votes on school funding, Oregon's Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and policies that would have helped us better prepare for COVID-19.

Join me and add your name to tell Senate Republicans, "Respect the voters and honor your oath in the upcoming session. No more walkouts!"


Posted on September 3, 2020.