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Sign my petition: clean air, clean energy, clean future

The Clean Power Plan, championed by President Barack Obama, was a monumental step in the right direction to drastically reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change. But Donald Trump has gone to unprecedented lengths to reverse these climate measures, including a new plan that would actively harm our planet.

Sign the petition right now and tell Trump and the EPA we oppose their dirty power plan.

A recent landmark U.N. report by some of the top climate scientists in the world highlighted this: We have a decade to make unparalleled changes to cut carbon emissions. A decade.

We have the technology. We have the money. But do we have the will to invest in clean energy?

I think we do. We need to stand up to Trump and make a commitment to a clean energy future.

Pollution loopholes that make a buck for Trump’s corporate coal friends have no place in our environment.

Sign my petition: Tell Trump and the EPA we oppose their dirty power plan that weakens protections for public health and our planet.


Posted on October 23, 2018.