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Thank you to the Oregon delegation

The American Rescue Plan – the Democratic COVID-19 stimulus plan that Joe Biden signed on Thursday – isn't just about direct payments to struggling people and families, although that's a critical piece of the puzzle.

The bill is also about stepping up for main street businesses, shoring up unemployment benefits, supporting renters and homeowners, helping our schools, and lifting millions of children out of poverty.

And the bill will make sure that state and local governments can perform basic services without interruption.

That means that when a pandemic hits and puts a massive strain on state and local services, we still have to balance the budget, keep schools funded, and keep basic services functioning.

So, it's critical to see the federal government stepping in with support, because getting through this pandemic has to be a team effort. I'm grateful to the Democrats in the Oregon congressional delegation who fought hard to ensure that our working families and small businesses get the support they need.

That isn't to say the work is done. I view this latest COVID stimulus as a strong first step, one that must be followed up with continued support and relief to ensure that our recovery isn't just a blip, but a beginning of an America that is built back better.

This stimulus package has been a long time coming. I'm proud that Oregon's Democrats have been working hard to get it done, and I'm glad to know that our state will be getting the resources we need to recover and rebuild in the months to come.

With renewed hope,


Posted on March 13, 2021.