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We can absolutely flip this district from red to blue

People across Oregon are sick of the political games being played by Republicans in the Legislature.

When they took a page from Donald Trump's playbook and walked out, abandoning their constituents and their oaths of service, it showed us one massive thing: we need to win everywhere in 2020 if we want to pass progressive policy in Salem.

We've got exactly two weeks to get this done. Please chip in so we can build a walkout-proof majority in Salem.

Which is why I've been focused on electing Democrats in every corner of our state. Today, I want to tell you about Eileen Kiely, who is running to represent Central Oregon in the state Senate.

Eileen Kiely

Eileen is Oregon through-and-through. She's a mom, loves our outdoors, is a Navy veteran, and managed billion-dollar contracts for one of Oregon's biggest employers. Now she's a mountaineering guide and teaches kids learning to love the outdoors.

Better, more affordable health care. Protecting our environment for future generations. Improving gun safety to keep our families safe from gun violence. Eileen is going to be a critical part of these conversations for change, but only if we have her back and get her elected in 14 days.

So, I'll be direct: we're counting on your grassroots financial support to push Eileen over the finish line, to win this Republican-held state Senate seat, and build the walkout-proof majority that we need in Salem.

We're so close to the finish line. Let's finish strong and win this together.


Posted on October 20, 2020.