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Grayson Dempsey
Executive Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon

"I am proud to support Rob Wagner for Senate District 19. I met Rob as a Lake Oswego School Board candidate and was immediately impressed with his true passion and deep commitment to reproductive health education and access for all students. In that race, he sought out the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon as a way to uplift the importance of healthcare access and comprehensive sexuality education in his campaign, and has proven to be a strong leader on these issues in his role as a School Board member.

Rob is someone who is constantly coming up with innovative ideas about how to promote equity and strengthen the communities that he serves and is a part of. Rarely have I met someone with such a strong commitment to public service, who leads with his values and acts as an ally and champion for those most in need of a voice in public policy decisions. As Senator, I know that Rob will bring his same dedication, tireless work ethic, and desire to represent what is best about Oregon to his office.

I am pleased to call Rob my friend as well as a true champion for women’s health and abortion rights. I look forward to working with him in his new role in the state Senate and hope you will join me in supporting his appointment to this esteemed office.

I am pleased to offer my strong endorsement of Rob Wagner for State Senate District 19."

Andrew Davidson
PCP Multnomah County
PSU College Democrats

"Based on his record of service, I know Rob Wagner will continue to work to provide students of all backgrounds opportunities for legislative internships and open doors for progressive students."

Jason León
Chair, Democratic Party of Oregon's Latino Caucus
PAC Chair, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon

"Rob Wagner is a true champion for civil rights and social justice and has been his entire life. He will be an amazing Senator."

Congresswoman Darlene Hooley

"I am so proud to support Rob Wagner for State Senate District 19 in Southwest Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn, and Tualatin.

As an education advocate and school board member, Rob Wagner has dedicated his life to children. He supports providing access to a high quality education to children of all ages, as well as workforce training opportunities, and providing hands up for families in poverty.

I am so proud to support Rob Wagner for State Senate District 19 in Southwest Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn, and Tualatin.

As an education advocate and school board member, Rob Wagner has dedicated his life to children. He supports providing access to a high quality education to children of all ages, as well as workforce training opportunities, and providing hands up for families in poverty."

State Representative Andrea Salinas

"I’m reaching out today to share the reasons for my endorsement of Rob Wagner to the Oregon State Senate.

In my experience in the Oregon legislature, it’s about both the head and the heart. Rob Wagner has the experience we need to lead, and the energy and progressive values to address needed change in the Oregon State Senate. I’m supporting Rob because he shares our community’s values and would do an outstanding job of serving to bring those progressive values to the Oregon State Senate.

With deep roots in our community, Rob has nearly 20 years of experience working side-by-side our public school janitors, secretaries and support staff to improve education for our kids and improve workplace conditions for our valued public employees. Rob has an intimate knowledge of the state budget in Pre-K through post-secondary education (?) and will fight to bring solutions to an education funding shortfall in Oregon.

I worked directly with Rob and then State Senator Suzanne Bonamici on crafting legislation to stop the use of toxic pesticides around schools. I’ve worked directly with Rob on legislation and ballot measures that would require corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. I’ve worked directly with Rob on advocacy around pay equity legislation and reproductive health. Rob knows how to get things done and he does it with a great mind and a sincere heart.

I hope you will join me in supporting Rob Wagner at the Precinct Committee Convention."

John Wallin
Chair, Lake Oswego School Board

"I want to ask you in joining me in supporting Rob Wagner for State Senate in District 19.

As the current Chair of the Lake Oswego School Board, I’ve seen Rob hit the ground running with his school board service. Rob led the charge in ensuring that the very first item on our three-year strategic plan was diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as access for all children to higher education and workforce training opportunities.

Rob Wagner came through our local public schools and has been an active volunteer in our community for years. He served on a Lake Oswego Citizen’s Advisory Committee, the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation board, and on the School Advisory Committee for Forest Hills Elementary School. Rob has led statewide coalitions in support of civic education, and through his work at PCC, has a deep knowledge of programs around career technical education.

Rob doesn’t just talk, he rolls up his sleeves and leads. He is always available to the community, which I know will not change if he is appointed to the State Senate.

I have heard concerns that Rob would not be able to adequately serve on our school board and be effective in the legislature. Working on a volunteer board and the legislature is certainly well within Rob’s capabilities, and I know that all five board members believe having Rob in the Senate would be an incredible benefit to the children of our district. In addition, I think the Senate would benefit strongly from hearing from the boots on the ground as critical issues around schools and school funding must be decided by our legislature.

I hope you will join me and the many voices of school board members, teachers, and parents in supporting Rob Wagner as the education champion for Senate District 19."

*Connie Crow, Former PPS School Counselor and Administrator
Jeff Miller, Former PPS Teacher, and former President of PAT *

"We are supporting Rob Wagner for State Senate because he will lead on corporate tax fairness and support funding for Pre-K through post-secondary education."

David Williams
Lake Oswego Resident, PCP-HD38

"Let me tell you why I think Rob Wagner is the best choice to represent our community in the Oregon State Senate. Rob is a good friend of mine that I have had the privilege to know personally and professionally for the past 15+ years. I have spent my adult working life as an advocate for public education in Oregon. I have dedicated my career to advancing the cause of public education as a way of making life better for all Oregonians and Rob has been in the fight with me every step of the way.

Residents of Senate District 19 live in our community for a variety of reasons, but consistently one of the most important is the top quality education that our families have access to and as such we know the value of this work. Oregon is at a crossroads with public education, we have a chance to change the conversation and take a bold step toward making our education system statewide one of the best in the country and Rob’s experience and passion will be central any success.

As an education advocate for K-12 education and now higher education Rob’s professional experience will be critical to his work representing us in the legislature. But Rob’s personal experience as a father of 4 and member of the Lake Oswego School Board is even more critical to that work. Most state legislators don’t see the final impact of their actions, not so with Rob, he will live the impact of his decisions.

Some have asked if there is a conflict in serving on both the school board and the legislature, I argue it should be a requirement. The largest portion of the state budget is the State School Fund (primary funding for K-12 school) and Rob’s first hand knowledge as a school board member will make him the very best advocate we could ask for.

This wonderful mix of professional and personal experience will make him a go-to legislator on education (preK through higher education) and one that will truly represent the vital interests of Senate District 19."

Neil Simon
Precinct Committee Person, Precinct, Multnomah County
Partner, Bighorn Communications

"Rob Wagner will make a great State Senator. From his service to PCC and local schools, he knows first hand how to build relationships and programs that matter for today's students and tomorrow's workforce. Whether we're talking about tuition-free community college, health care for all, Rob is there for us, and I encourage others to join me in supporting him."