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A taste of microplastics?

Our planet is overrun by plastic pollution.

Microplastics – the tiny particles that break loose as plastic decomposes – permeate our lives, from the agriculture that produces our food to the water in our reservoirs.

Add your name and call on Congress to end single-use plastics immediately.

We've produced more plastic in the last two decades than in all the preceding years combined. And in the U.S., an estimated 92 percent of plastic is never recycled. Instead, it breaks down in our lakes and rivers, ends up in our food chain, and, consequently, our bodies.

Here's the most alarming part: Scientists only recently began to study the impact of microplastics on our health. We're ingesting a significant amount of plastic – as much as 20 grams per month, or the equivalent of a credit card – with no clear answer on what it's doing to us.

What we know so far isn't good; microplastics leach harmful chemicals, including some that are toxic even in small amounts. The long-term effects – for our species and our planet – could be devastating. We owe it to our children and future generations to clean up this mess, now.

The Trump administration is the most anti-environment administration in history. We must call on Congress to take immediate action. And the first step is breaking free of plastic pollution.

Sign the petition to tell Congress, "Confront this crisis before it gets worse. End single-use plastics."

Let's get it done.


Posted on June 23, 2020.