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Big Wins for Oregon in this 2021 Legislative Session

We just wrapped up an incredible session in the Oregon Legislature. From support for affordable housing to voting rights to wildfire prevention, Oregon Democrats were able to move our progressive agenda forward in big, tangible ways. I was honored to serve as the Senate Majority Leader, helping Senate Democrats to pass legislation that met our biggest challenges.

We've come a long way, and we've got a lot more planned! Please chip in $20 now to defend our progressive victories and make sure we keep moving Oregon forward.

Here's a quick breakdown of just a handful of the things we got done this session:

Housing—Democrats made historic investments and policy changes to increase affordable housing development, supportive housing and housing for communities affected by wildfires. We also passed bills to protect tenants from the threat of eviction and homeowners from foreclosure.

Voting Rights—While Republican-led legislatures are passing laws to restrict the right to vote, here in Oregon, Democrats are expanding voting rights. We passed bills to make it possible for folks to vote by mail up to Election Day and ensure voters remain on the rolls, even if they miss voting in an election.

Racial Justice—We are leading the way to change the Oregon Constitution to ban slavery and involuntary servitude in all its forms. We urged Congress to do the same, as well as implement reparations for African Americans. And we made important improvements to our public safety systems that will result in better policing and protection of immigrant and refugee communities.

Education—We made record investments in public education this year with $9.3 billion going to Oregon's K-12 public schools. This funding will help students and educators recover from the difficulties of distance learning during the pandemic.

Wildfire Prevention and Clean Energy -- After last year's Labor Day fires and the recent sweltering heat dome event, there is no doubt that Oregon needed a huge boost to our wildfire prevention policies. We were able to dedicate more than $200 million to wildfire response, recovery and prevention - investments that will have a lasting impact across the state. Democrats also passed a 100% clean energy standard for our electric sector, a transformative step toward reducing Oregon's greenhouse gas emissions and doing our part to address climate change.

I'm proud of what we were able to accomplish this past session. We couldn't have done it without your grassroots support and efforts to get the right people elected to office. Please donate $20 today so that we can start ramping up our efforts to defend our victories. With your help, we can continue to forge a progressive future here in Oregon!



Posted on July 1, 2021.