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Chris Gorsek is a fighter we need in the state Senate

Chris Gorsek is a fighter. He's a hard worker. He cares deeply about the issues that matter to his neighbors in East Multnomah County, and all of Oregon. When people are counting on Chris, he shows up.

When Republicans in the state Senate walked out in the past two legislative sessions, they abandoned all of us. They didn't just let down their own constituents, they abandoned their responsibility to our state, our country, and our planet.

Now, imagine Republicans taking more seats in the state Senate. Imagine if they get even more power to obstruct, stall, and abandon each and every one of us.

That's where Chris comes in, and why I am urging you to join me in supporting his run for the state Senate.

Deb Patterson

In the state House, Chris has been there for the tough fights. He's a fierce, reliable advocate for job creation, better access to health care, and a responsible plan to fight COVID-19.

Chris shares my passion for improving education and holding government accountable. He spearheaded – and passed – an unprecedented audit of TriMet's operations and finances, which The Oregonian called "a mighty public service." Chris has also been a leading voice for tenants' rights issues and was a leader in ending no-cause evictions.

But we also have to talk about climate change. The American West is literally ablaze, and will be for years to come. Chris understands that we can't keep fanning the flames by pretending that climate change isn't a problem.

Republican leaders both here in Oregon and across America don't have a plan. They've been content to cozy up to polluters and climate change deniers for years. That's just one of the reasons they walked out on sensible solutions to address wildfires and climate change, and why they'll keep doing it if we don't elect as many Democrats as possible this election.

To make progress for Oregonians, we need Chris in the state Senate. Please help send him there with a contribution as we push into the final month of the campaign.


Posted on October 8, 2020.