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County commission candidates who need our support

As you get ready to vote by May 19, I want to introduce you to County Commissioner candidates who deserve our support for their advocacy for our students, seniors, mental health, public health, especially during COVID-19, and traditionally marginalized communities.

I’m proud to stand with these strong county commission leaders in our district to continue the critical work we’re doing on the ground. Vote for these incredible county candidates.

In Washington County District 1, Nafisa Fai has been on the frontlines of our public health crisis. In a county that’s growing more diverse by the day, Washington County deserves a smart, hardworking commissioner who knows how to engage with traditionally marginalized communities.

Multnomah County District 1 Commissioner Sharon Meieran is using her experience as an emergency room doctor to work on public health policy that helps us tackle the coronavirus pandemic. Her never-give-up attitude, powerful understanding of our communities, and astonishing humility make her an amazing public servant.

As Clackamas County Chair, Jim Bernard has been an incredible advocate for the working class, brought a steady hand to our budgets in these uncertain times, and really knows how to bring different communities together for a common cause. That’s because Jim’s built deep authentic relationships across the communities he serves. I’m proud to have a friend with the integrity and principled approach with which Jim governs.

Former teacher, state senator, and two-time Clackamas County District 3 commissioner Martha Schrader has been a proponent of local farms, integrated solutions on mental health and public safety, and protecting insect pollinators key to sustainable food systems and protecting our environment. Martha has been a valuable mentor and ally since I was a young legislative aide. I’m proud to have a friend and colleague who is as committed to public service as Martha is.

Who would have thought a small town corrections officer would establish Clackamas County’s new veterans' village and provide housing for those struggling most? Ken Humberston, Clackamas County District 4 Commissioner advocated for veterans, led the affordable housing charge in Clackamas County, and is fighting to bring broadband to rural communities. Ken understands that we must come together and rely on proven leadership to guide us through.

As a State Senator, I count on strong leadership at the county level – folks who aren’t afraid to pick up the phone and tell us what's going on the ground.

When you fill out your ballot, please join me in supporting these passionate, committed candidates.


Posted on May 12, 2020.