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Good ideas can come from anywhere

This past week, I was sworn in for a second full term as an Oregon State Senator — and as the new President of the Oregon State Senate.

I'm grateful to my constituents for again trusting me to be their voice in Salem, and I'm deeply humbled that my Senate colleagues have selected me as their leader.

The legislative session, Oregon's legislature — alongside our new governor — will tackle some of our most important work in decades.

At the top of the list are the twin crises of homelessness and behavioral health. So many Oregonians are hurting, and we must work creatively, aggressively, and compassionately to find solutions that get folks off the street and get them the help they need.

I've always believed that good ideas can come from anywhere.

Good thing — the Senate is a place with many diverse perspectives from every corner of our state. I'm confident that we won't run out of good ideas any time soon.

I'm looking forward to what my colleagues and I will accomplish together, as I approach this legislative session with grace, humility, and an open door.

Stay tuned!


Posted on January 13, 2023.