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Let's make the next session more productive

Tonight was the filing deadline for the 2020 election – and we are gearing up for a busy election!

Following the latest walkout in the legislature, I’m truly disappointed – more so, I'm heartbroken – by some of my Republican colleagues in the state Senate. They took taxpayer-funded vacations rather than showing up to the Capitol to vote on behalf of their constituents.

Republican leaders held the legislature hostage and refused to even debate bills critical to our future.

Items that died this session include:

  • The clean energy jobs bill to tackle the climate crisis (which has taken several years of work and compromise)
  • Taking on our state’s housing crisis
  • Providing health care for adjunct faculty at our colleges
  • Safe-storage and sensible gun-safety
  • Protecting children from abuse

The public expects legislators to show up to work. It’s OK to disagree on what legislation should pass, but refusing to debate the issues in the Capitol disrespects the public, dishonors the constitution, and destroys our democracy.

This election, it is important to mobilize and remind Republican legislators they work for all Oregonians. Help me fight back right now by making a contribution.



Posted on March 10, 2020.