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My priorities in the legislature

Here’s the big news: I’m the new Chair of the Senate Education Committee in Oregon. It underscores my commitment to supporting a safe and successful education, from pre-kindergarten through higher education and workforce development.

Beginning with the new session in January, I will also be on the Ways and Means Committee – working to build an equitable budget for Oregon. Additional committees I've been selected for are the Co-Chair of the Ways and Means General Government subcommittee, and a position on the Ways and Means Human Services subcommittee.

My priorities for the upcoming session are:

  • Focusing on the Holocaust and Genocide Education, in memory of Alter Wiener, this bill would make Holocaust and genocide education a requirement in all Oregon schools.
  • I will work with Basic Rights Oregon on a suicide prevention bill that would direct school districts to draft plans around suicide prevention.
  • As part of the Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force, I am working on sexual assault prevention training in schools. Additionally, I’m partnering with Representative Andrea Salinas on a bill that will prevent rollbacks on Title IX – prohibiting discrimination in educational activities on the basis of sex.

Balancing a budget and working on issues that affect Oregonians is hard and important work. In addition to working on my own bills, I will be implementing recommendations by the Student Success Committee’s report for additional funding for our schools, recommendations by the Student Safety Task Force on mental health supports, and budgeting to support housing, health care, and food security.

Let’s get to work.


Posted on January 2, 2019.