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Oregon’s election system is a model for the nation

This week, in Philadelphia – the birthplace of American democracy – President Biden reminded our nation exactly how dire the threats to our democratic elections are.

In nearly every state in the country, Republican lawmakers are pushing cynical, dangerous voting restrictions – draconian ID requirements, indiscriminate voter roll purges, and drastic attacks on ballot access.

Not here.

In Oregon, we're expanding voting access and empowering voters to make their voices heard in our elections. In the recently finished legislative session, we passed House Bill 2681, which allows folks who missed an election or didn't update their registration to remain as an active voter. We also passed House Bill 3291, extending the window to send mail-in ballots to the day of the election, reducing confusion about when it's too late to vote by mail.

Some of my Republican colleagues are parroting ridiculous talking points from other states, claiming that these expanded voting protections are a freeway to fraud.

We have to protect our majority in the legislature to keep Republican efforts to overturn democracy out of Oregon. They're focused on the rearview mirror because they don't like the active, empowered voters they see in front of them. Contribute $20 now to keep our movement strong.

Putting up barriers and making people jump through hoops to exercise their constitutional right to vote goes against the core principles of our democracy. I will always fight to protect voting rights and Oregon's Vote by Mail system. Oregon's voting system is a model for the nation. We have shown the rest of the country how to make elections easy, secure and accessible for all. With your help, we'll keep it that way.


Posted on July 14, 2021.