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Our progressive agenda in the Oregon Senate

Now’s not the time for half-measures, waiting, or walking out. Oregonians are counting on their elected representatives in Salem to get to work and pass significant, progressive reforms in the legislative session that just got underway.

Which is why Oregon’s Senate Democrats have a roadmap for recovery including a bold, progressive agenda that will move our state forward long after the pandemic is defeated.

Making Democracy Work

Our democracy doesn’t work if elected officials simply decide to eschew their responsibilities and not show up for work. There’s so much to be done this session, including advancing racial equity, improving access to voting, and making strategic investments in communities impacted by the COVID crisis. We need to make sure that our legislature can do its job, and do it fairly.

Family-Wage Jobs and Fair Pay

The ever-widening gap between America’s ultra-wealthy and people living in poverty is both unconscionable and unsustainable. Oregon’s Senate Democrats are committed to job creation across the state, especially for our marginalized and rural communities. We also need to ensure that Oregon’s businesses and workers can survive this pandemic.

Clean Energy and the Environment

After last fall, it’s abundantly clear that we must do more to combat the devastating impacts of climate change. Which means we need to move toward clean, renewable energy, and give our first responders the tools they need to fight the worsening wildfires in our state.

Justice For All

We must stand up for police accountability, for gun safety, and for protecting our friends and neighbors in BIPOC communities. For too long, too many Oregonians have been marginalized, attacked, and deeply hurt by systemic racism. We have to do our part to make things better, and Oregon Senate Democrats will prioritize equity in all our policies and practices.

Access and Equity in Public Education

This is an extremely challenging time for parents, teachers, and everyone involved in our public school system. As work to safely reopen our schools, we need to support our educators and schools get through this pandemic, while ensuring that they have the resources they need to help students succeed -- all while keeping a laser focus on equity and implementation of groundbreaking investments. All of this, of course, includes not leaving behind the critical technical education services that are part of our economy’s backbone.

Now is exactly the right time for progressive solutions to the biggest, most consequential problems of our time.

I look forward to keeping you posted over the coming weeks and months as Oregon’s Senate Democrats get to work.

Stay tuned.


Posted on January 27, 2021.