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Progress on gun safety (!)

I have good news to report.

On Thursday, the Oregon State Senate voted to significantly strengthen gun safety in the Oregon State Capitol and all state buildings. Senate Bill 554 allows us to finally enforce firearm restrictions and ensure that guns are not allowed — concealed or unconcealed.

In addition, the legislation gives local governments and school districts the option to keep guns, including concealed weapons, out of their buildings.

When members of the public come into a public building, they have the expectation that they're going to be safe.

The pro-gun extremists can call me all the names they want, but I'm proud to be a leader in the fight for sensible gun safety reforms in Oregon. We have to break the culture of fear and cycle of violence.

This week was a good week. We made progress. I'll be working hard to help pass this bill through the House because all of us deserve public spaces that are welcoming and free of intimidation.

I want to thank all the advocates in our community that have fought for sensible gun safety — your support is crucial.

Thanks for being on my team.


Posted on March 26, 2021.