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Ready to vote?

Ballots have arrived! Are you ready to vote?

Oregon’s vote-by-mail system makes participating in our democracy convenient and secure. Mail your ballot in time to arrive by Election Day, or drop it off at a ballot drop box or elections office by Tuesday, November 6. Find a convenient drop box location here.

There’s a lot to consider this election. A few of the candidates and positions that I think are especially critical this cycle are:

Judges Ulanda Watkins and Ann Lininger for Circuit Court – We need strong leadership and good legal minds in our judicial system. We have the unique opportunity to retain two of the best jurists who demonstrate uncompromising integrity.

Pamela White for Clackamas County Clerk – At a time when democracy itself is threatened, we need a county clerk who is honest and capable of running our local elections.

Yes on Metro 26-199 – We have an affordable housing crisis, and it affects all of us. Everyone should have a secure place to call home.

Yes on Measure 102 – In a broad bipartisan vote, the Oregon legislature sent this measure for voter consideration. This allows local for community level partnerships for creative solutions to address Oregon's affordable housing crisis.

No on 103 – It sounds deceptively simple, but this constitutional amendment is risky and unnecessary. Let's protect Oregon's constitution, come together to find solutions and reject "sound bite" solutions.

No on 104 – Before initiative racketeer Bill Sizemore was convicted of running a sham charity, for 150 years Oregon respected bi-partisan decision-making over gridlock. This measure enshrines Sizemore's backward legacy and provides a minority of special interests the ability to freeze conversation over eliminating wasteful tax breaks.

No on 105 – Oregon's anti-racial profiling bill passed the Senate in 1987 on a bipartisan 29-1 vote. The current repeal measure is being pushed by an extremist hate-group. The faith community, unions, businesses, farmers, and law enforcement are coming together to say "no" on 105.

No on 106 – I am proud to have the support of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon and Planned Parenthood. We need to reject attacks on women’s health care and reproductive freedom – regardless of income status.

Every vote is critical in our efforts to stand strong for Oregon values. Make your voice count.

Thank you for standing with me. And thank you for voting.


Posted on October 22, 2018.