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Sign the petition: No more federal police in Portland!

What does a failing leader who has an upcoming election do? Our "leader" is trying to incite fear in the hearts and minds of the American people.

For months, President Trump has aggressively spread misinformation about the protesters in the Black Lives Matter movement. Last week, he sent his own secret police to round up citizens exercising their first amendment rights here in Portland.

We're fighting back.

This week, thousands of Portlanders took to the streets to demand President Trump remove his goons from our city. Add your name right now and tell Trump: authoritarianism has no place in America.

Time and time again, President Trump has demonstrated leadership more akin to a tinpot dictator than the leader of the free world. He's trying to make an example of progressive cities – that if we don't fall in line to his authoritarianism, he'll not merely use force, but overwhelming force you would expect in a warzone, not an American city.

It's unacceptable and we must not tolerate this federal overreach. It's time to:

  • Require federal agents and the agencies they work for be clearly identifiable.
  • Prohibit the federal misuse of unmarked vehicles.
  • Prohibit federal agents from patrolling our communities.
  • Require agencies disclose how many personnel have been deployed and for what mission.

This week, it's Portland. Next week, it'll be Albuquerque and Chicago. We cannot let this continue. Stand with the American people in demanding President Trump stop his authoritarianism immediately.


Posted on July 24, 2020.