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Supporting Deb Patterson.

Oregonians are fed up, all right.

When Republicans walked out of the capitol in February, they weren't just abandoning their districts, whom they'd pledged to serve.

It was an insult to all of Oregon, refusing to respect the will of the voters.

And the result? We couldn't pass bipartisan legislation for wildfire prevention in advance of one of the worst fire seasons our state has ever seen.

Actions have consequences. And that's why I'm urging you to support my friend Deb Patterson for state Senate – because she's going to come to Salem, do her job, and fight for the people we work for.

Deb Patterson

Deb Patterson is the right person for the state Senate. She's a dedicated champion who won't back down from the toughest challenges we're facing: better health care, economic fairness, and action on climate change.

Deb has spent her life fighting for working families as a health care advocate:

  • As the Executive Director of the International Parish Nurse Resource Center (now the Westberg Institute), she supported more than 15,000 nurses in 23 countries, helping people gain access to critical health care services.
  • She helped launch the Deaconess Foundation, a children's health organization, and served on the executive management team of the Deaconess Incarnate Word Health System in St. Louis.
  • Deb's work attracted the attention of Michelle Obama, who invited her to be present for the start of the historic "Let's Move" campaign.

Deb is exactly the hardworking advocate Oregon families need right now. Please chip in now to bring her to Salem!

Fires are still burning across the west. Climate change is at the heart of this tragic new normal. That's why we're strategizing, organizing, and working together for a brighter future – and for great, Democratic candidates across our state.

So let's stand with Deb and let's win this election in 33 days. Because building a walkout-proof majority in the state Senate means we improve the lives of Oregonians and stop the political games.

Let's get it done!


Posted on October 3, 2020.