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The final weekend – four things you can do!

In a few days, one of the most consequential elections in Oregon history will come to a close.

We are choosing between an Oregon that cares and works for every family – or a hard right turn in the wrong direction. Billionaire donors, corporate special interests, and national MAGA funders are working hard to turn Oregon red. We CANNOT let that happen.

Here are four ways you can help right now:

#1 VOTE!

Voting in Oregon is safe and easy. You no longer need a stamp to mail in your ballot; make sure it is signed and dropped off or postmarked by Tuesday, November 8 at 8 p.m.

#2 Tell your friends

Call, text, or email your friends and family to tell them why you're voting for Democrats this election. Your endorsement matters to the people in your circle.

#3 Help us get out the vote

Visit Mobilize.us to find volunteer opportunities near you. Personally, I'm going to be knocking on doors – it's actually really fun to remind Democrats to get their ballot in. Whether you sign up to knock on doors, make phone calls, send volunteer texts, or something else, pitch in and help get out the vote!

#4 Donate

We are fighting hard to the last second to make sure that candidates that share our values prevail. Every dollar counts. Will you chip in right now?

Thank you for all of your efforts so far and all you're going to do before 8 p.m. on Tuesday!


Posted on November 4, 2022.