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The four races we must win in the State Senate

When I look out across the country, I'm thankful that I live right here in Oregon. We've done so much to protect our progressive values – protect abortion rights, reduce gun violence, raise the minimum wage, tackle the climate crisis, and expand health care to all.

But make no mistake, just because we're Oregon doesn't mean the extremist Republicans can't take over here.

We cannot be complacent. We cannot rest in the fight.

Right here in Oregon, we saw an attack on our state Capitol a few weeks before the January 6 insurrection in Washington, DC. Right here in Oregon, we experienced four walkouts in three years that stopped progress on critical bills. Right here in Oregon, there are powerful political forces that would seek to roll back reproductive freedom, fight sensible gun safety legislation, cut school funding and health care, and end our commitment to fighting the climate crisis.

To keep Oregon strong, there are FOUR critical races in the State Senate this fall – and I'm asking you to stand with the Oregon Senate Democrats to help these four candidates win.

As the chair of the Senate Health Care Committee, Senator Deb Patterson (D-Salem) has led the way toward more affordable and accessible health care for all – and taking on Big Pharma and the increasing costs of prescription drugs.

Senator Jeff Golden (D-Ashland) has been the Senate's leader on two critical priorities – reducing the influence of corporate donations in our politics and helping our communities recover from and prevent future catastrophic wildfires.

Representative Mark Meek (D-Oregon City) is running for the State Senate. In his three terms in the House, he's led the way to affordable housing, veterans' services, long-term care for seniors, and investments in our schools.

Finally, some BREAKING NEWS: Last night, Democrats in Marion County nominated Rich Walsh for the State Senate. His career has been about taking on insurance companies on behalf of regular folks, and he's ready to go to Salem to fight for single-payer health care for all.

Will you support these four powerhouse Democrats with a donation to the Oregon Senate Democrats?

With your help, we've built the most diverse and representative Democratic caucus in the Oregon Senate's history, but we still have so much more to do.

With your support, we can ensure that Oregon continues on a path that includes everyone, defends our progressive values, and fights back against far-right extremism.

I'm counting on you. Let's get it done!


Oregon Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner

Posted on July 1, 2022.