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We must take action to stop gun violence

Four years ago, on June 12, 2016 a gunman targeted and killed 49 people because of who they love at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

As always, the gun lobby jumped right into action, sending fear-mongering extremists onto TV shows, dispatching lobbyists, and pledging big-dollar donations to their pet legislators.

Four years and a sickening number of murders later, we're no safer from gun violence.

As we remember the victims, it's important to not forget that this will keep happening until we change our laws in a meaningful way. Our duty is to make sure that no more gunshots ring out – in another school, another night club, another mall or concert or movie theater.

We must work for gun safety to truly honor the victims who died in these brutal killings.

I've made ending gun violence a focus during my time in the Oregon Senate. Now, as the Senate Majority Leader, I'm pledging to do everything in my power to bring gun safety legislation to the floor of the Senate next year.

We'll be up against the same lobbyists and dark money groups as before; but we won't back down before we finally secure the gun safety measures that our society deserves.

It's an honor to stand at your side in this work.


Posted on June 12, 2020.